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Get Your Popcorn Ready And Prepare For A Real Scary Movie

If you are a big fan of horror movies, there is a good chance that one of the latest releases will surely pick your interest. When it comes to indie horror movies, most people tend not to pay a lot of attention to them, since they think that in the production in general is going to be significantly weaker than the real studio production. While this can be the case at times, some of the indie movie developers have been known to produce high quality material combined with a compelling storyline, which could even outmatch the quality of the script of a high end movie production.

Is this movie really scary?

Most horror movies nowadays have suffered somewhat of a decrease in quality. You will find that a lot of them have a high level of violence and gore, a few notable jump scares, lacking an actual storyline, which may be completely missing, or poorly executed. However, with “Killer Ink”, things tend to get a little different, as you will be able to witness a full on horror story which will scare you out of your mind, but you will still be able to enjoy a subtle, finally written story behind the terrifying topic the movie is covering.

What is it about?

The story, written as well as directed by Lewis Leslie, follows a man named Gage, who is an owner of a tattoo parlor. He is often described as introverted and rather reserved. What only a handful of people know is that Gage is actually a serial killer, who operates quickly and stealthily, and discovers immense pleasure in taking lives. That is, until a person he holds very dear to his heart suddenly goes missing. Caught up in his horrific deeds, Gage now needs to get his priorities straight, as he starts to re-examine the entire course of his life.

Who starred in it?

Based on a few reviews which the movie has received after being released on October 31, 2010, the comments related to the cast mostly spoke that the role of Gage has been portrayed perfectly and by Christopher C. Romero, while some the other actors which have been a part of the cast include Christine Dawson, Lewis James, Ryan Martin, Jennifer Wilde, and Peter Mayhew, who might be familiar to viewers for the portrayal of the legendary Chewbacca role. Overall, it seems that the movie, despite the obvious disadvantages in the movie productions often face, has managed to offer high quality of sound as well as picture, while managing to immerse viewers into a dark, twisted world of the movie.